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The apple straw is an innovative substitute. It’s an edible straw manufactured from durum wheat Semolina, sugar, and apple fibers. This straw will not dissolve in water after 60 minutes. It is appropriate for cold and carbonated beverages, cocktails, and smoothies.

A straw produced from leftover apple fibers from apple juice processing, for example. A straw that contributes to a zero-waste attitude!

Everyone, whether youngsters and adults, will enjoy a straw. The edible apple straw is completely biodegradable and ecologically beneficial. It tastes like apples and will please and astonish all of your clients and friends.

The edible apple straws can be stored in a dry area for 3 years.

Ecological Edible Apple Straw

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Ecological edible apple straw
100% Natural

The apple straw is constructed of food-grade materials and is therefore edible.

Bite it!

The apple straw brings a somewhat acidic flavor when you bite it!


After usage, we recommend eating it or throwing it in the compost; it will decompose naturally over time.


The apple straw is a completely natural color and original.

Apple straw's


Natural material, apple fiber and renewable

Zero waste: raw material recovered, as it was left over after the production of apple juice.

• Various sizes: 22 cm x 6 mm 

Compostable straw with fast decomposition.     

Allergies: contains gluten, tolerance accepted

•  Ingredients: Durum wheat Semolina, apple fiber, citric acid, maltodextrin and a natural flavor, sweetener: steviol glycosides. The egg remains may be present.

•  Food-contact certified straws

• For cold and hot 50°C drinks. Apple fiber is a natural and renewable substance.

Packaging: 500 straws in a bag

•  Keeps in your drinks for 45-60 minutes. After this period, it will soften but not disintegrate.

•  Shelf life (minimum durability) in a dry place: 36 months. A couple of weeks after opening.

• Made in Europe

(Expiration date)

You will have roughly 60 minutes to enjoy your drink. Of course, the colder the liquid, the longer your straw will remain.

However, you can sip your hot beverage, such as tea or coffee, through the apple straw for around half an hour. We recommend allowing your hot beverage to cool before sipping it with a straw; otherwise, you risk burning yourself.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have a strong flavor; if you drink a mineral drink with your edible straw, the apple flavor will be extremely light. Your beverages will not lose their flavor.

Finally, the apple straw can be consumed while drinking or afterward. Enjoy your edible biodegradable straw as a delightful finishing touch! Softening the straw improves its flavor.
There is no Planet B, join us on this planet protection journey!

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The apple fiber straw is composed of natural fibers and wheat Semolina. It’s completely natural and biodegradable in household compost.


Apple straw is not chemically altered in any way. It may be disposed of in a home composting facility after usage. It will degrade rapidly.


The edible straw is a creative and unique way to surprise your customers. It may be eaten while enjoying a beverage from your restaurant.


 The apple straw and pasta straw are made in Europe! A local option to excite and amaze your consumers.

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Why should I choose apple straw ?

Apple straw-Ecological straw.png


This vegan straw is unique, sustainable, edible, plastic-free, and tasty!

It is created from apple fibers, a natural renewable resource. Natural fibers provide a natural and eternally sustainable alternative to polluting plastic straws. This apple straw is completely 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly.

We also salvage apple fibers that would otherwise be discarded following the preparation of apple juice or cider, for example.


The apple straw is tasty as well as ecologically beneficial, sustainable, and plastic-free. It tastes like an apple, contains no added sugar, and is completely 100% vegan.

We propose that you enjoy your apple straw after 10 minutes in your drink. It will taste sweeter and less acidic. You may consume the edible straw either wet or dry. It all depends on your personal preferences. It is up to you to put it to the test!

Finally, your drink will not have the flavor of an apple straw. On the contrary, it is your straw that will absorb the flavor of the drink. This is a huge positive!

apple drinking straws
cocktails apple straws


The apple straw is, indeed, innovative and somewhat unknown to the general population. So, if you’re seeking a unique edible straw, consider this straw to provide your clients with an unforgettable experience!

FQA - Frequently Questioned Answers

Do straws have a taste?

The apple fiber straws taste somewhat acidic, sweet, and sour. They have little effect on the taste and soften after a few minutes in the liquid (on average 30-40 minutes). Of course, this does not prohibit you from consuming your drink.

What are apple straws made of?

The straws are made in compliance with European regulations. They are made from apple fibers leftover during the manufacture of apple juice. Our strategy is to recover garbage and repurpose it.

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