Our eco-responsible approach

We are the leading specialist of sustainable, ecological, and certified straws at the most competitive pricing. Drinking-straw.com‘s goal is to provide you with a variety of alternatives to the disposable plastic straws that destroy our environment. Furthermore, because plastic straws are too tiny and difficult to recycle, they frequently wind up in nature. Every year, more than 8 million tons of plastic garbage are poured into the seas.

As a result, we provide a variety of options, including biodegradable disposable straws, edible straws, and reusable straws.

Surfrider : a partner for the respect of the environment

To allow you to continue drinking with a straw. However, and here is where our struggle continues, there are still hundreds of millions of plastic straws on our seas! As a result, we are devoted to arranging collecting expeditions to rid the oceans of this polluting and dangerous plastic debris in order to protect our eco-systems.

We support the NGO Surfrider Foundation Europe, which is responsible for the conservation and enhancement of lakes, rivers, oceans, waves, and coastlines. A group of local surfers founded it in 1990. It now has over 12,000 members and works in 9 countries through volunteer chapters.

There is no Planet B, join us on this planet protection journey!

Part of the value of your order will be donated to the Surfrider association

Our other partner associations

We also support more local organisations, such as Mes Rivages Propres in the French Riviera and ACHEBA (the Balearic Islands Association of Ecological Enterprises and Hotels), which assist local businesses in their ecological transformation.


We have joined the RespectOcean initiative to continue working on decreasing our environmental effect and to support organizations that fight for ocean preservation.
We offset our energy use by planting trees (ReforestAction) to actively contribute to the repair of our ecosystems and the preservation of the planet! Forests are our friends in the battle against global warming because they are the first terrestrial carbon sink.

Working together to safeguard the environment

Together with Ecotable, we are devoted to sustainable catering. Ecotable has gathered approximately 150 dedicated suppliers from throughout France in a single database so that restaurant owners may surround themselves with eco-responsible service providers. On the Impact.ecotable.fr, Drinking-straw.com is one of these suppliers. Restaurateurs, go to Effect.ecotable.fr to measure and mitigate your impact with Ecotable.

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Protecting our world
is a must!

We Need You !

We need your support for this green revolution, contact us today to replace your plastic straws. The law prohibiting plastic straws has been in force since January 1, 2021.