Disposable Straws

French n°1 manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier, specialized in ecological straws without plastic. We offer a wide choice of colors, materials and sizes at the best prices on the market for professionals. We deliver our eco-friendly straws throughout France and Europe. 

Wheat Straw-Disposable Straw

Natural Disposable Wheat Straw

Natural wheat straw is made from organic wheat stalks. This straw is a low-cost, eco-friendly alternative that is toxin-free and cleansed with sterile water. This disposable straw is ideal for drinking hot and cold beverages.

Edible Straws

Disposable and Edible straws

The edible straws are delicious and go great with any drink, including sodas, cocktails, smoothies, and milkshakes. They are completely vegan and made of sugar, paste, or apple fiber. Straws that are both edible and 100% environmentally friendly.

Pasta Straw-Disposable Straw

Disposable Pasta Straw

Another option to throw away plastic straws is the pasta straw. It’s prepared using water and wheat, much like all the renowned Italian pasta. The pasta straw is great for cocktails and other cold and hot beverages.

Paper Straw - Disposable Straw

Disposable Paper Straw

Cardboard straws are disposable and may be recycled in a recycling bin. This paper straw is a great replacement for plastic straws, which are extremely polluting. The variety of colors, sizes, and prints is extensive.

single use forest straw

Disposable Forest Straw (NEW)

Forest Straws are disposable and exist in different sizes to taste all your drinks (juices, cocktails, sodas, smoothies, bubble tea). Their natural appearance and unique texture add a rustic and elegant touch to drinks.

Disposable rice straw

Disposable Rice Straw

The rice straw is a natural straw produced entirely of vegetable flour. It is compostable and biodegradable at home. As a result, the rice straw is suitable for drinking both cold and hot liquids.

Ice straws

Disposable Ice Straw

The ice straw is ideal for refreshing summer beverages. It is recommended for people who want to make their own straw. A low-cost, biodegradable solution that offers a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s an eco-friendly alternative to plastic!

Apple Straw-Disposable Straw

Disposable Apple Straw

The apple straw is edible. It’s made of real apple fibers. It is ideal for all of your drinks. The apple straw may be thrown and will degrade naturally, or it can be consumed because it is edible.

PLA straw

Disposable PLA Straw❌

PLA (bio-plastic) straws are manufactured from maize starch, a renewable resource. They are frequently made with a small amount of plastic. However, this straw has been restricted and is only permitted for medicinal use.
Sugar Cane Straw - Disposable Straw

Sugarcane Straw ❌

This single-use straw is constructed of sugar cane and bioplastic. Despite the fact that it is a cost-effective alternative to plastic straws, it is only accessible in the medical field.

FQA - Frequently Questioned Answers

Which are the best disposable straws?

 Because plastic straws take hundreds of years to disintegrate, it is critical to provide you with innovative environmentally friendly alternatives to single-use straws. The plastic-free disposable drinking straws available on our website are the most environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic straws. As long as they are disposed of in the proper container (yellow garbage can) or appropriate compost, these disposable straws may be recycled or decomposed quite well. You might also choose the home compostable straw. If you want to buy plastic-free disposable cutlery, go no further than our selection of plastic-free drinking straws.

Where to buy disposable straws at the best prices?

If you’re wondering where to get plastic-free disposable straws at the greatest price, we have a vast assortment of straws starting at 0.01€/unit. Our straws are made of sugar, natural wheat, edible pulp, or food fiber (apple). Straight transparent straw, white folding straw, or colored straw, the options are limitless.

We no longer advocate disposable paper straws, as well as those made of corn starch, popularly known as “PLA.” These are not the materials we want to work with. Our team is working to provide eco-friendly disposable straws for your kitchen and home.

Why use disposable straws?

Use these disposable straws to serve beverages at your bar, restaurant, business gatherings, and other special occasions. These straws are appropriate for serving all sorts of beverages on your menu, including water, cocktails, sodas, milk, bubble tea, and smoothies.

We’re here to suit your needs as a leading specialist in disposable drinking straws. We may customize the drinking straws by printing a slogan of your choice or your logo. Find the ideal drinking straw here, or design your own to provide your customers with a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience. Customize your disposable straw to make it one-of-a-kind!

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