1. Website presentation

In accordance with Articles 6-III and 19 of Law No. 2004-575 of June 21, 2004 for Confidence in the Digital Economy, known as L.C.E.N., we bring the following information to the attention of users and visitors to the site:  www.drinking-straw.com

Legal information :

Status: SAS
Company’s name: ECOBL
Address : 20 rue voltaire, 93100 Montreuil, France
Startup Capital: 1 000,00 €
SIRET: 84422689400039   R.C.S.: Bobigny
Intra-community VAT number: FR24844226894
Email address: hello@drinking-straw.com 

Sit’s designer: ECOBL
Publication’s director: Mrs. Honorine Leconte, President of ECOBL
Contact the publishing manager:  hello@drinking-straw.com
A corporation is in charge of the publication.

Site’s host: WP SERVEUR SARL, a business under French law with a capital of €10,000, with headquarters at 7 rue de la Cité Foulc 30000 Nîmes. It is registered at the RCS of Nîmes under the number 808 840 474.

The platform for online consumer dispute resolution: http://webgate.ec.europa.eu/

2. Services supplied description

The www.drinking-straw.com website’s goal is to inform visitors about the company’s operations.

The site’s owner makes every effort to give accurate information on www.drinking-straw.com. However, this information does not bind him/her to what is specifically stated, and he/she cannot be held liable for any omissions, errors, or shortcomings in the update, whether they are his fault or the fault of the third parties that give him with this information.

All the information provided on the website www.drinking-straw.com is provided as a guideline, but it is not complete and subject to change. It is provided subject to changes made since it was posted online.

3. Intellectual property and forgery

All materials available on the website, including the texts, photos, graphics, logos, symbols, sounds, databases, and software, are either owned by the site’s owner or are subject to rights of use.

Any disassembly, recompilation, decryption, extraction, reuse, copy, reproduction, representation, modification, publication, or total or partial adaptation of the site’s elements, regardless of the means or process used, is prohibited, unless prior written authorization is obtained from the email address: hello@drinking-straw.com

Any unauthorized use of the site or any of the content included within it will be deemed an infringement and may result in legal action.

4. Hyperlinks

The website www.drinking-straw.com has a number of hypertext connections to other websites (partners, information…) that have been set up with the permission of the site’s owner. However, the site’s owner lacks the ability to monitor the contents of the sites so accessed and consequently disclaims any responsibility for the potential hazards of unlawful content.

Furthermore, the site’s owner cannot be held liable for the technical availability of these sites. The site’s owner is not responsible for transactions between Internet users and any advertiser, professional, or merchant to whom they are directed via the site, and will not be a party to any disputes with these third parties regarding the delivery of products and/or services, warranties, representations, and other obligations to which these third parties are bound.

5. Personal data protection

User: An Internet user who connects to the above-mentioned site: www.drinking-straw.com

Personal data are particularly protected in France under the laws n° 78-87 of January 6, 1978, n° 2004-801 of August 6, 2004, article L. 226-13 of the Penal Code, and the European Directive of October 24, 1995.

The owner of the site www.drinking-straw.com gathers personal information about the user exclusively for the purpose of providing specific services offered by the site www.drinking-straw.com. The user gives this information with a full understanding of the facts, particularly when proceeding to their input by himself/herself. The duty or not to supply this information is therefore specified to the user of the site www.drinking-straw.com.

Without the user’s knowledge, no personal information from the site www.drinking-straw.com is published, exchanged, transmitted, assigned, or sold to third parties by any means.

The website www.drinking-straw.com complies with the RGPD. See www.drinking-straw.com/legal-notice for our RGPD policy.