Personalized Bamboo Straw



We may customise your bamboo straws for any occasion (seminar, wedding, or other event) or for your company image. Your phrase or logo can be engraved.

So, if you want to get an engraved and personalized bamboo straw, it is possible and quite reasonable. It is a fantastic eco-friendly concept for your business or for gifts.

We provide numerous different sizes and choices (such as wash brushes and a customised storage/carrying bag). As a straw expert, our crew is prompt and our lead times are short.

Please visit the bamboo straws page to learn more about them (their care and qualities). If you’re looking for more personalized straw ideas, check out our engraved straws!

Personalized Bamboo Straw

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Cheap reusable bamboo straw
100% Natural
Zero waste

Engraved bamboo straw's


• Ideal for cold and hot beverages, as well as juices, cocktails, sodas, and smoothies…

• Variable diameter 4-6 m or 6-9 mm, or unique version of bespoke bubble tea straws

• Personalization package (reusable cotton or linen bag with or without printing) + 1 personalized engraved bamboo straw + 1 cleaning brush


The eco-friendly bamboo straw can be reused 90 times on average, dishwasher or hand wash. Once the end of life has arrived, you can place the straw in the appropriate compost or in the recycling bin.

There is no Planet B, join us on this planet protection journey!

Part of the value of your order will be donated to the Surfrider association

Personalization available, from 50 straws
Laser engraving
made in France

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Specialist of reusable straws in France, works to offer you the best quality/price. Do you wish to order engraved glass straws or receive straw kits? Write to us by filling out the form below or via We will answer you within 24 hours.

Why should I choose personalized bamboo straws?

Personalized straw Drinking-straw

The Bamboo Straw is a 100% natural alternative to plastic straws (it is the bamboo stem that has been cleaned and sanitized). As a result, it is natural, reusable (simple to wash), and environmentally friendly.

We provide a dedicated tailor-made service to allow you to create your own unique personalized straw; it is an excellent idea for a unique and environmentally friendly business gift to offer to your clients and collaborators, or simply to offer as a goodie during a trade show or promotional campaign.

Our engraving studio in France enables us to reply to urgent orders and deliver in the shortest possible time (a few days)!

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