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Reed Straw-Reusable Straw

Reusable Reed Straw

Reed straw is manufactured from naturally occurring reed stems. It is durable, biodegradable, and reusable if properly cared for. The reed straw is fantastic, unique, and will wow people who try it. 

Bamboo Straw-Reusable Straw

Reusable Bamboo Straw

Bamboo straw is a natural and distinctive straw. Bamboo straws are eco-friendly since they are natural, reusable, and do not contaminate the environment. They retain quite well and are a unique addition to your cocktails.

Stainless steel Straw-Reusable Straw

Reusable Stainless Steel Straw

The stainless steel straw is a one-of-a-kind item that is also ecologically sustainable. It is simple to clean and maybe reused as many times as you wish. They leave no flavor or metallic aftertaste. 

Glass Straw-Reusable Straw

Reusable Glass Straw

The glass straw is manufactured from some highest-quality glass available. Your straw, like your water glass, will be of infinite utility. These straws are unique and will wow your visitors or customers!

Silicone Straw-Reusable Straw

Reusable Silicone Straw

The silicone straw has no odor, no lead, no toxins, and no PVC. A new reusable, environmentally friendly, and plastic-free straw. It is flexible, folds effortlessly, and does not cause tooth damage.

FQA - Frequently Questioned Answers

Which reusable straw to choose?

Choosing the proper straw shape and size for your beverage is a crucial decision. There are several reusable alternatives on the market, each with its particular set of qualities.

Straight or curved straws, as well as straws of various diameters, are available. There are several reusable alternatives to plastic straws, each with its own set of criteria. It is up to you to select the best reusable and washable straw for your requirements from the various shapes and sizes available.

It is also possible to choose natural materials, such as bamboo. These straws are created from plants that are renewable. We do not convert anything; instead, we cut and clean it so that it is suitable for food contact. We use more common materials like soda-lime glass (which is recyclable) and stainless steel 304. (solid steel straw). 

Which diameter, size and shape to choose?

If you need assistance choosing the right straw for your drink. Here is some information that could be useful to you:

The most common dimensions

Here are the 3 major diameters that are available:

– 6 mm, the standard diameter and the most prevalent on the market today. This size is ideal for sodas, cocktails, coffee, and even 50°C beverages. This diameter is neither too large nor too little, making it perfect for both youngsters and adults.

8 mm, a slightly wider diameter, is appropriate for smoothies and certain cocktails. This size allows you to boost the flow of a thick drink or something else.

– 12mm, the diameter recommended for Bubble Tea. Indeed, the straw’s jumbo diameter allows the little Tapioca balls that come with this sort of drink to slip through. 

The most popular reusable straw size

There are different lengths of washable straws for each of these three sizes. 14-16 cm and 20-21 cm are the most prevalent sizes. Of course, some of our zero-waste straws may be trimmed to size, allowing you to provide a straw that is appropriate for each drink (e.g. 12, 24 cm…).

Shapes that are either straight or curved

There are now two types of curved straws: stainless steel (metal) straws and silicone straws. The first might be straight or curved. The stainless steel one has the benefit of being available in all sizes: 12,7 cm, 14,5 cm, and 21,5 cm, as well as all diameters (6, 8 or 12 mm).

Natural reusable straws with distinctive dimensions, sizes, and diameters

Some washable and zero waste straws are all-natural and come in a variety of sizes. This is true with bamboo straws. This sort of straw, when simply chopped and washed, undergoes no alteration or transformation. It will thus have a varied diameter ranging from 4 to 6 mm, 6 to 8 mm, and eventually 10 to 12 mm. With bamboo straws, we can guarantee a diameter range but not a set diameter. This straw will be available in a variety of lengths (12, 16, 18, or 20 cm) and will be ideal for sodas, certain cocktails, and hot beverages (which resists very well to heat).

Why buy a reusable straw?

The reusable and zero waste straw is an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to disposable plastic straws. Plastic straws pollute and harm our environment.

Purchasing reusable straws represents a commitment to a more responsible society and the promotion of zero waste with ecological straws.

Of course, the price of these straws is more at first, but in the long run and after several tens of uses, they are less expensive than a plastic straw (0,01€/straw).

Our reusable straws are made of ecological materials and are free of BPA and phthalates. These reusable straws are solid, hand-washable, and 100 percent zero waste (some, like the stainless steel straws, are dishwasher safe), allowing you to reuse them as many times as you like and transition to a more responsible consumption pattern.

We have solutions developed in France, Europe, and Asia where some resources are not available in Europe (example Bamboo).

Are reusable straws eco-friendly?

Using a reusable straw instead of a plastic straw promotes waste-free consumption, which is more environmentally friendly. Reusable straws allow you to replace single-use straws and reduce the quantity of garbage that can contaminate the environment.

The long-term benefit of using reusable straws is environmental conservation and a significant reduction in plastic trash in the seas.

Stainless steel or silicone straws, for example, can be reused for years. Bamboo straws may also be reused for several months depending on how frequently they are used each day and are readily recyclable. Finally, glass straws are constructed of soda-lime glass and may be recycled in any glass bottle.

Making the decision to replace plastic straws with this sort of reusable straw is clearly a more environmentally friendly activity that will help to preserve our shared planet.

Which are the best reusable straws?

Each reusable straw will serve a distinct purpose. Some individuals love the clarity of Sodocalcite glass straws (recyclable), while others prefer the natural bamboo straws or the quality appearance of stainless steel straws. appreciates the variety of materials, colors, origins, tales, etc.

You will discover the ideal reusable straw for you. Whether rigid, colorful, straight or curved,…

– Reed straws are made from natural European or Asian reed according to your choice. They are reusable for individuals and intended for a single use for professionals (because not machine washable).

Bamboo straw is composed of bamboo wood, is sturdy, and can be reused for several months. The bamboo straw may be washed in the dishwasher. Finally, multiple diameters are available to accommodate the drink you’re drinking (for example, soda for the 4-6 mm version, cocktail/smoothie for the 7-9 mm version, and Bubble Tea for the 10-14 mm version).

Glass straw is a high-quality straw, and its transparency allows you to sip while watching it pass through the straw.

Stainless steel straws are sturdy and robust. A flexible variant of the reusable stainless steel straw is available. You may also get them in copper, gold, blue, and black.

Silicone straws are soft, flexible, and durable.

Is this type of durable straw hygienic?

All reusable straws are easily cleaned. They are dishwasher safe and may be reused often. Stainless steel straws, like flatware, are dishwasher safe and reusable.

Bamboo straws are more environmentally friendly. Bamboo straw, which is made of wood, has the added benefit of being naturally antibacterial. We also recommend placing them in the dishwasher and bathing them in white vinegar and hot water to disinfect them.

The reusable straw is a great alternative to plastic straws since it is more environmentally friendly and totally hygienic.

How to wash reusable straws?

Reusable straws that are BPA-free and simple to clean are perfect for picnics, for example. Once used, bamboo, stainless steel, glass, and silicone straws are dishwasher safe. Because they are thinner and can be cleaned by hand, reed straws are more delicate. It is best to let the reusable straws air dry. These straws may be used several times, and in some cases many times.

Can reusable straws be engraved?

We propose the reusable straw if you’re seeking an original washable straw for your drinks, smoothies, chocolate, or Bubble Tea.

Our reusable straws may all be personalized by engraving or printing. These monogrammed straws are a unique way to thank your staff or customers. Purchasing an engraved straw, engraved with your brand, is also a wonderful accessory that can be used as business goodies or as a card to give in your restaurant. A unique touch that your clients will undoubtedly love.

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