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What is an Edible Straw ?

Edible straws are one of the best alternatives to plastic straws. They are made from natural and food resources such as pasta (wheat and water), sugar or apple fibers. You can eat or crunch naturally these edible straws like candy. Let’s feel the sweet touch at the end of your consumption. The edible straws have different flavors (strawberry, apple, paste, ginger …) and can be more or less sweetened. Thus, the edible straw is a straw that does not pollute the environment and has no adverse effect on the oceans.

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food paste straws

Edible Pasta Straw

The edible pasta straw is a new way to consume the famous Italian pasta! Indeed, pasta straws also allow fighting against plastic straws by offering a new way to taste the drinks. This edible straw offers a unique experience to the consumer who finds himself tasting a drink with a paste. They are made from water and wheat (which contains gluten) and do not alter the taste of the drinks. The pasta straw is chewy and inexpensive. It will be perfect if you are looking for an original experience for your customers.
apple edible straws

Edible Apple Straw

The apple straw is an eco-friendly and plastic-free straw. This edible straw is a new European innovation and 100% vegan. They are made from apple fibers and replace plastic straws.  This edible straw does not alter the taste of your drink and does not break down in the glass. It is rigid and offers a natural touch to your soda, cocktail, smoothie or milkshake. It is perfect for people looking for a natural, eco-friendly and vegan straw.

Sorbos flavored edible straws

Edible Sugar Straw

Sorbos straws are 8 different flavors (strawberry, chocolate, lemon, lime, ginger, apple, cinnamon, and neutral). These sugar straws are made mainly from powdered sugar, corn starch, water and natural flavorings. They are a real treat with a candy taste. They do not break down in the glass, do not change the color of your drink, but will only soften after 30-45 minutes. Then it’s time to bite them! These straws are individually wrapped in recycled paper. 
FQA - Frequently Questioned Answers

Why should I buy the edible straws ?

Purchasing an edible straw means choosing new alternatives that are more ecological and more sustainable for the environment. In France, more than 9 million plastic straws are thrown away every day while dozens of solutions exist. Hundreds of thousands of fish are killed every year because of plastic waste. Edible straws allow to replace these harmful disposable straws. They are strong and resistant and also allow to enjoy a drink (smoothie, soda, cocktail…). These edible straws can remain rigid in the drink in average 40 minutes, a little less in hot drinks.

The edible straw’s another advantage: the surprise effect it offers to consumers. There is still a large majority of us who are used to consuming their drinks with a plastic straw. So offering them an edible and ecological straw is to surprise your guests. Each of your drinks can be accompanied by a yummy straw.
It is also possible to personalize / print your edible straws: a unique item to delight your guests, customers or employees. 

The edible sugar straw is customizable with your logo

The Sorbos straw, made of sugar, can be personalized! So if you want to buy a gift for your guests or an original and eco-friendly goodie for your employees, then the sugar straw suits you. We propose to add your logo (or the message of your choice) on each sugar straw with food ink.

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