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Sugarcane straw is a by-product that may be made from sugarcane fibers and a bioplastic binder (polybutylene). This single use straw is intended for medicinal usage only.

The shelf life of sugarcane straw varies from 10 to 12 months depending on storage location and atmosphere. It’s best to keep it away from heat and humidity. At 50°C, the sugar cane straw can be used to enjoy cold or hot liquids.

sugar cane drinking Straw biodegradable ecological plant
General Description

Sugarcane straw's Features

  •  Request further information from us to ensure that the product meets your requirements.
  • – Food contact certification
  • – Neutral flavor and color (fibrous), plastic texture
  • Factory compostable straws (do not throw in nature)

To stop the sugarcane straw?

The sugarcane straw is composed of a plastic binder

The regulation forbids the use of any single-use straw manufactured entirely or partially of plastic.

Plastic is defined by EU legislation as any “chemically modified polymer.”

Unfortunately, this straw is composed of sugar cane bagasse, but a plastic binder is applied to make it into a drinking straw. This straw is not in accordance with current regulations.

> Because it is made of a plastic binder, this product is only biodegradable at the production and is not suitable for all applications.

Use, Conservation and End of Life

The sugarcane straw may be used to sip cold or hot beverages. We do not recommend using them in hot drinks since the straw will not keep the drink or heat in.

They can be stored in a dry, shaded area for one year. It has a neutral flavor and does not change the flavor of your drink when ingested.

In an industrial composting setting, it decomposes in a matter of months., a plastic-free straw specialist in France, is here to assist you in your selection of environmentally friendly straws.

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