Why are there 2 straws in cocktails?

On an evening out, we sometimes order a cocktail and discover 2 drinking straws. At that moment, we wonder if we should alternate between the two straws or if we should sip through each of the 2 straws at the same time. So, if you are like us and you are wondering why the bartender often serves you 2 straws in your Mojito, here we explain the reasons for this little ritual after some research and interviews with experts.

Reason number 1: two straws for better protection

Although a straw can protect your teeth from being weakened by changes in temperature, whether very hot or very cold (ice cubes), we doubt that using two straws can double their protection. So we think the number one explanation for using 2 straws per drink could be to have another straw in case you want to share your drink without using the same straw as your friend. It is also a way of avoiding contaminating the Covid-19!

Reason number 2: two straws are better than one!

The second argument, and the one we think is the most convincing, could be to increase the rate at which you drink. Using two straws is better than one. First of all, it could ensure that the barman finishes your cocktail before the ice cubes melt and affect the quality of your drink. But using two straws also means you can drink twice as fast. This would be a well thought-out strategy by the bartenders to get you back to the bar quicker for a second round.

Reason number 3: two straws in case one gets blocked!

Another likely reason for including two straws is because of the potential residue that could get stuck in one of them. Mojitos often contain mint leaves or lemon wedges, and cocktails in general often contain crushed ice. The two straws would make it possible to have another ‘spare’ one in case a little residue got stuck in the straw you were using. Finally, having two straws also makes it easier to stir your cocktail and means you always have a spare if one breaks, for example.

In conclusion, the main argument remains the speed of consumption. The two straws in your cocktails simply allow you to sip faster, so you can finish your cocktail quickly and order a second drink. Of course, if your cocktail contains alcohol, we remind you that alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health and should be consumed in moderation.
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