Which countries are planning to phase out plastic straws?

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Alternatives to plastic straws are being proposed in a number of nations. Plastic straws are, indeed, way too detrimental to our ecosystem. They are not recycled sufficiently, and the majority of them end up in the oceans.

Plastic straws contaminate far too much and pose a significant threat to marine creatures, despite their practicality, affordability, and use. Every day, many fish are discovered with plastic trash in their stomachs. A sperm whale was recently discovered in Indonesia with more than 6kg of plastic in its stomach. Over 110 plastic cups were discovered in the stomach of a whale. The war on single-use plastic accessories has started. As a result, some governments have enacted bans. Disposable plastic bags have been prohibited since 2015. The law n°2°15-992 of August 17, 2015, prohibited the use of plastic bags at the checkout. This equated to 5 billion plastic bags in France each year.

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Plastic straw ban in Europe? 

As a result, it is time to band together to establish a ban on additional single-use plastic products. The European Union has pronounced it this way. To safeguard the oceans, all countries will outlaw single-use plastics. Indeed, the measures will seek to prohibit the use of several plastic products, such as straws, cotton buds, cutlery, and drink stirrers.
They also intend to collect practically all plastic bottles for recycling by 2025.
This will save consumers approximately 10 billion euros while avoiding 3.4 million tons of carbon emissions.

Plastic straw ban in France?

The National Assembly agreed in September 2018 to prohibit the use of cutlery and other plastic containers beginning January 1, 2020. Last June, a law prohibiting the use of straws and plastic drink sticks was passed. All of this followed the triumph of the plastic bag ban. Indeed, beginning January 1, 2017, plastic bags have been prohibited in stores, except for supermarket checkouts, unless they are biodegradable. The rule mandated businesses to use “nationally biodegradable” packaging made from bio-sourced materials instead of plastic bags.

Plastic straws and other single-use accessories are thus outlawed as of January 1, 2021.

Plastic straw ban in the United Kingdom?

Theresa May announced the ban on single-use plastics during a meeting with Commonwealth countries. It is worth noting that this trash is a significant environmental concern that the country is currently confronting.
This restriction will help to reduce the amount of plastic garbage in England’s waterways and beaches.

This restriction comes on the heels of the success of a previous 5 penny charge on plastic bags. This has resulted in a major reduction in the presence of plastic bags in English seas. More than 90% of the sale of single-use plastic bags has decreased, resulting in more than 9 billion fewer bags.
This victory serves as a powerful impetus to implement additional measures to protect the environment and preserve British seas.

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Is there a ban on plastic straws in the United States?

Plastic drinking straws, cutlery, and spoons have already been banned in some American localities. This prohibition has already been enforced in Seattle, San Luis Obispo, Miami Beach, Davis, and Fort Myers. Other cities are thinking about it. Berkeley, for example, is thinking about it. Some restaurants and bars in New York City recognize the importance of finding new ecological alternatives and have proclaimed their intention to discontinue the use of plastic straws. We are awaiting the implementation of the measures.

Plastic straws are becoming banned in Canada?

Every day in Vancouver, almost 57 million straws are used, and 2.6 million single-use cups are discarded. These plastic products have a huge impact on this coastal city’s ecosystem. As a result, Vancouver became the first major Canadian city to prohibit the use of plastic straws.
Plastic straws, cups, and shopping bags have been prohibited at restaurants since this fall. By 2040, the goal is to drastically reduce the use of throwaway plastic accessories.

People will be able to buy single-use straws at retail stores, however, because the restriction only applies to restaurants and bars. The city has stated that it will seek alternatives for those with impairments who rely on straws for health care.

If the ban is broken, the law imposes a $259 fine.

Other countries are continuing to impose these prohibitions in order to reduce single-use plastic. For example, on March 9, 2021, the Japanese government passed a draft law to reduce plastic pollution. This implementation has also been announced in Australia. Companies that do not comply will face fines.

These bans are spurring innovation in a variety of fields. Indeed, various alternatives to plastic straws are entering the market, such as edible straws, wheat straws, and dough straws. The restaurants would have the option of replacing their straws with an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution.

See this page for a complete list of plastic straw alternatives.

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