Bamboo straw or stainless steel straw, which one to choose?

paille bambou ou paille inox

Which straw should you use for the best sensation and the best fit for your drink? We provide all of the facts you need to know for an excellent creative experience on this dedicated site. Choosing a bamboo straw over a stainless steel, metal, or natural wood straw is a strategic decision that depends on your gustatory and experience preferences. It is critical to choose durability above overconsumption.

The era of plastic straw is drawing to a close.

Following the government’s declaration in January 2020 that voted for a total ban on plastique straws in France and Across the European Union, businesses and start-ups were forced to reinvent themselves in order to offer new environmentally friendly, recyclable, and low carbon impact products. There are numerous creative plastic-free straws on the market right now.

Are we getting closer to the end of plastic in our oceans?

Plastic straws have been a genuine scourge for our ecosystem for years due to their disintegration time, resulting in plastic discharged into nature that contaminates our oceans and pollutes our world. This plastic has had and continues to have, negative effects on human health for many years.

New and inventive procedures with varied materials suitable for Cocktails, Smoothies, and even Bubble tea or hot drinks are suggested.

VS : Should I use a bamboo drinking straw instead?  


The bamboo straw is made entirely of natural materials (the bamboo stem), resulting in zero waste and long-term use. From an ecological standpoint, bamboo straw is entirely healthy and helps to protect our ecology from harmful plastic.

Positive points and advantages of bamboo straw

  • It is a straw that is always straight and cylindrical.
  • Because it is a natural product, the diameter varies, however, multiple sizes are available based on the drink (4-6mm / 6-9mm / 10-14mm).
  • Because bamboo has a completely natural tint, it is used in light wood colors.
  • It is simple to clean and is frequently recommended with its little brush (brush).
  • Bamboo is also a natural antibacterial plant.


Pandas are not deprived of food by creating bamboo straws because they only consume 30 to 40 species of bamboo out of over 1200 distinct kinds of bamboo.

It also does not contribute to deforestation because bamboo is a renewable plant with the world’s fastest growth capacity and absorbs more than 30% more CO2 than a standard tree.

A bamboo straw should be used for a maximum of three months to one year. Its zero waste deterioration will be non-polluting, compostable, and always ecological.


What are the drawbacks of using this reusable straw?

Because of its natural wood composition, it is possible to experience some disadvantages, such as a minor taste of wood in the mouth after excessively humidifying the straw.

Clients who are diverse and appealing to consumers

Bamboo straws can appeal to a wide range of people, including professionals and businesses. Major collaborations are being formed in order to promote naturalness and set an example by switching to recyclable and eliminating polluting products. Plastic manufacturing is declining, and waste is being prevented, setting a good example for all countries to follow.

Caractéristiques techniques et fin de vie de la paille en Bamboo straw’s technical properties and life cycle

A straw with variable size and diameter (from 6 to 9mm), certified for food contact, is sturdy and suitable for any sort of drink, cold or hot. Each straw has a unique design because bamboo is not linear, so they are all somewhat different but precisely polished and pleasant to the touch.

The 100 % natural bamboo straw does not have to be thrown away after 3 months of intensive use or 12 months of occasional use; it may be reused numerous times. When it reaches the end of its useful life, you can:

  • Place it in a recycle bin
  • Place it in your compost bin
  • Consider repurposing it as a decoration, accessory, or gardening tool.

After learning about the characteristics of bamboo straw, as well as its benefits and drawbacks, it is time to offer stainless steel straw a position in this new recyclable world with a healthy environment.

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The stainless steel straw is comprised of metal, but it is just as, if not more, reusable than the bamboo straw. Reducing plastic use necessitates a more consistent use of stainless steel straws, an innovation conceived for the Earth and our oceans.

Reasons to select a 304 stainless steel reusable straw 

  • A metal straw that will not rust
  • Because of its stiffness and solidity, it cannot crack or break
  • It can be used on a daily basis
  • There are curved, colorful, foldable, and telescopic variants available.
  • Tips that can be adjusted to your preferences
  • To serve as cutlery (stainless steel)

Stainless steel straw characteristics 

The stainless steel straw is completely recyclable and does not break, extending its life and durability significantly. It can be used on a daily basis with a thorough washing in the dishwasher or with a brush. Its stainless steel feature adds to its longevity and eliminates the possibility of rust.

There are many sizes of stainless steel straws, which encourages this environmentally conscious purchase and the elimination of chemical items.

  • The initial type, in stainless steel, gray, or multicolored, can be straight or curved, with a diameter that can be adjusted based on your color and size choices..
  • The second variant, constructed of stainless steel, is retractable or folding at command, making this straw ergonomic and unique. A quality, a color, and a metallic element that adds a special touch to your cocktails.

There are also stainless steel straw tips in the shape of spoons for stirring or tea infusers, allowing it to adapt to the many needs and tastes of cocktail, smoothie, or hot beverage aficionados, such as matcha tea (stainless steel straw for Mate / Matcha).

What are the straw’s “negative” characteristics?

Some people may be bothered by the metal straw due to its heat conductivity. When this substance comes into contact with a boiling liquid, such as tea or coffee, it immediately becomes heated, if not scorching. Some customers may find it unpleasant to burn their lips or fingers while gripping their straw.

To address this conduction issue, silicone tips were developed and adapted to the cylindrical shape of straws. Ideal for avoiding scorching the lips, but the issue of the fingers, which are frequently used to direct the straw, remains. As a result, because silicone is not easily recyclable, this proposal may generate concerns. Purchasing a straw, not being able to drink a hot drink with it, and having to purchase an additional non-biodegradable tool limits the use of stainless steel straws to cold drinks.

The cold is rapidly channeled into the metal, refreshing the mouth and keeping a cocktail cooler for longer.

The similarities between these two types of straws

You can get bamboo and stainless steel straws in sets or packages. Kits featuring a brush, a straw, and completely recyclable or recycled packaging are available for purchase on the site or in partner retailers.

Larger quantities are also available in stores or on certified sites that offer especially speedy and environmentally friendly delivery. Cardboard or paper bags versus unnecessary plastic packing. Today, a little bit makes a big impact. This also applies to the payment for these straws in the store. Contactless payments, in which the receipt is no longer required, are an evident continuation of this dynamic of change toward a more respectful image of the world, which benefits our society.

infographie paille inox et bambou

Plastic straws are an example of a natural product that promotes waste reduction

Plastic straws have been banned in European countries to make way for ecological straws. It is also important to promote the use of natural materials that are biodegradable in a few months or compostable quickly, such as “tote-bags” and natural packaging, which will only benefit our health and the health of the Earth.

A logo that is frequently appealing and light, with bright colors, and is focused on an environmental aspect that encourages individuals, businesses, hotels, and bars to invest in reusable straws. Professionals who can lead by example, project positive images, and promote low-impact options.

A broader selection of straws to fulfill the demands of every consumer

If these straws do not suit you or do not answer your initial inquiry, there are additional straws accessible on the site, such as those made of glass, silicone, or reed, which you can simply add to your cart and then schedule a delivery guaranteed in 48 hours. More solutions for saying no to using plastic straws and yes to using reusable straws.

Join the community of an innovative straw site. allows you to engrave and personalize your straws based on your preferences and tastes. Original and designed eco-friendly present.

Links on their website may eventually link you to social networks where you may join this community or to publications on important keywords to know, such as reusable, ecological, or compostable, all of which have a significant impact on our future.

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